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Why did I enroll in Economics?

Posted on: August 24, 2009

"I has money. What I do wif it?"I think it is really important that we, as students, start to learn about the most efficient way to use resources such as money. In life, we are going to be confronted to many choices we will have to make, and if we learn soon how to make the best choices possible, it would be easier to make them. Also, especially at this moment in history, everyone talks about economics because of the crisis, so it is interesting to learn about why this crisis happens and what are some possible ways to make the economy better.


1 Response to "Why did I enroll in Economics?"

I really like how you pointed out that economics is very relevant now because of the financial crisis that hit the entire world. We are going to be the next generation of businessmen and women who just might so happen to be affected by another financial crisis. Courses such as Economics IB HL1 will help teach us how to sway away from crisis’ like the one we just experienced.

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