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Posted on: August 31, 2009

money-1I found several interesting links that may be useful for all of us in our study of economics.

  • Economists blog, although not written by people specialized in the study of economics, covers many different topics related to economics. You can find detailed informations and reactions about the economic situation of today’s world, as well as the decisions taken by the governments that relate to both macro and micro economics. The posts are not difficult to understand and are written in a comprehensible manner.
  • The Economist is a well known online magazine about economics. It is written by journalists specialized in economics, and that makes it a reliable source. Published magazines tend to be more reliable than websites written by anyone because all articles are checked and verified by professionals everyday.
  • Businessweek, for the same reasons as evoked for the previous website, is a reliable sources. Businessweek covers many different topics -more or less related to economics- but this part of the website is the analysis and the reactions about the economic choices made in the world today. The author, Michael Mandel, “BW’s award-winning chief economist, provides his unique perspective on the hot economic issues of the day.”
  • Japanese Economics News is interesting because it covers the Japanese news. Since we all live in Japan, we should know about the economic choices made in this country, and this blog relates all economic events happening. In opposition to the Businessweek website, this blog covers positive economy; reactions are not so dominant. It is written by  Ken Worsley, “senior partner at a Tokyo-based firm specializing in strategic consulting, market entry, marketing and multilingual web-based solutions for a wide variety of clients in Japan,” so the source is reliable.

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