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Reflections on Quarter 1

Posted on: October 22, 2009

During this first quarter of school, I think I improved my work habits, because I do not really procrastinate anymore. Sometimes it is hard and I just want to leave it to the last minute, but I am forcing myself not to do that.

The learning on the computer has been helpful to do researches during class and not to wait till I come home, but I still prefer doing diagrams by hand, because doing them on the computer takes too much time. The diagrams are easy to understand I think. When I see it I pretty much understand what it is about, but drawing them are much harder; I do not really “visualize” the situation so drawing a diagram about it is hard, especially when we have not seen the situation in class before.

Also, on the computer it is easy to keep lessons together, especially the powerpoint slides, but the activities/graph/and so on are not really organized (not in order at all but in the folder corresponding to the unit).


2 Responses to "Reflections on Quarter 1"

I am really glad that you do not procrastinate anymore; it will help you in your future.

Manon, I am very happy with your progress so far this semester, you are motivated and hard working. Great to see you staying organized and understanding the importance of diagrams. These will come easier with time and practice.

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