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Hennes & Maurtisz: H&M

Posted on: January 26, 2010

My favorite company is the Swedish clothing company Hennes & Maurtisz, known as H&M. It is the third-largest fashion chain in the world. Unless many brands, H&M provides a variety cheap clothing of good quality, created by designers such as Jimmy Choo, Karl Lagerfield, Stella McCartney and Matthew Williamson. It has about 1924 shops in various countries.

Nevertheless, the total sales for H&M clothes in October 2009 were not as good as expected. The forecast was a 13% increase in sale, but the actual increase was only 9%. Also, sales in stores open for a least a year fell by 3%.

Despite some decrease in sales, I think H&M has enough strength to resist and survive through the crisis, since new shops are still opening, such as in Portland where H&M should arrive during the later-half of 2010.

H&M sales unexpectedly fall in October

H&M setting up shop in Portland by 2010

1 Response to "Hennes & Maurtisz: H&M"

Hi Manon:) Nice Post!

I totally LOVE!!!! H&M, too. I also agree that the company is strong enough to survive the crisis.
H&M is cheaper, yet stylish compared to other brands, so young consumers like it. I hope H&M becomes more globalized, so we can shop at H&M in Kobe (hope it happens someday..).

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