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“Ladies’ Night!”

Posted on: February 3, 2010

Back to the time I was in France, it was quite common that I received mails on my phone from clubs saying “Ladies’ Night – Entrance free for ladies!” I thought this was an interesting example of price discrimination since the purpose of these “Ladies’ Night” is not to directly increase revenue nor to divide people into groups in order to maximize profit, but to increase the number of girls coming, hoping they would buy more drinks since the entrance is free for them.

With the “Ladies’ Night,” clubs do not increase their profit because of the entrance tickets but because of the drinks that people can buy while they are inside the club. In any case it contributes to a maximisation of the profit.

2 Responses to "“Ladies’ Night!”"

I’ve seen many examples of women being discriminated in terms of price, usually in a positive way. I must say, it is good for business. I guess naturally more women means more men, and therefore generating enough revenue anyhow.

This is similar to my example of price discrimination as well. The buffet I went to discriminated against men since they had to pay more than women. It is very interesting to this type of scenario though where the firm isn’t making profits off this discrimination directly, but through its drinks, increasing demand.

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