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Seminar Reflection

Posted on: March 14, 2010

During the seminar, I learned about some of the flaws of capitalism that I was not really aware of. I also learned how a seminar worked since it was the first time for me to ever be engaged in/watch a seminar. At first I was quite scared of what was going to happen, I do not usually like to talk in public that much so I think I was quite apprehending it, but after a while it got better and time went by quicker than I thought it would.
Next time, I will prepare myself on more topics so I can be in the conversation more often, because I focused more on solutions such as creative capitalism rather than other types of economies for example.
Nevertheless, I think the seminar was useful not only to learn about the subject, but also to learn to really communicate with each other.


1 Response to "Seminar Reflection"

Glad to hear that you enjoyed the seminar and now understand different perspectives. Yes being more prepared will give you more confidence to speak in public.

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