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Japanese crisis

Posted on: March 29, 2010

The five major problems that Japan is facing during this crisis are:

-Japan’s “lost decade” after 1992 turned into two lost decades

-universities lack rudimentary technical equipment; and entrepreneurial conversation is absent

-productivity growth fell steadily in the 1980s and Japanese companies lost ground to the low-wage economies of South Korea and Vietnam

-Central and local government debt together are nearly 180 per cent of gross domestic product

-The lack of a risk-taking business culture, often noted, can be overstated.


2 Responses to "Japanese crisis"

Hi Manon,

A plausible list you got there though I would want to know what exactly is meant by “lost decade.”

I think the fifth problem you listed was, and is, most injurious to the Japanese economy.

Really good post, Manon. My first point is exactly the same as yours. I mostly agree with the things you’ve selected from the article.

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