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Data Response Section 2 Reflection

Posted on: March 30, 2010

During the Data Response of Section 2, I lost all my points on the evaluation. This is because I did not write enough information for it. I wrote three majors points were I should have written at least a couple more. I really need to read the text more carefully to get all the different ideas expressed in it. I already spend most of my time on it; I did the definitions and diagrams really fast in order to have more time for evaluation, but I guess that was not enough.

Also, I need to break it into paragraphs, because I did it all in one paragraph because I had no time to think about presentation. Next time I will make sure that I have each idea in a different paragraph and that I have many different ideas.

Nevertheless, I am happy because I got all the definitions and diagrams right so that is a positive point; I did not have to worry about it, I made sure before the test that I knew all of them perfectly.


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I am sure you will continue to improve in this challenging aspect of the course.

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