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Reflection on the PBL

Posted on: May 31, 2010

Reflection on the PBL:

The Problem Based Learning (PBL) experience was helpful because we really had to understand all supply-side and demand-side policies. We had to make sure we knew about all policies and their effects, so the PBL was good for that. Nevertheless, I do not think the presentation in front of the “president” was really worth it because it is too short to really be able to express everything we want to say. I think a presentation in front of the class would have been enough.

Reflection on the presentation:

In general, the presentation went pretty good. Andrew knew what he was talking about and we were good timewise. The questions were not as bad as expected. I was expecting some of the questions so I did not mind replying to them. It was a bit tense but I was expecting a lot worse. I think we should have prepared the questions more so we would have make sure to be able to reply to all of them accurately. Nevertheless I thought it was quite fine, since we knew what was happening.


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