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I think I did fine overall, but I need to use more economic terms to be more precise in what I am saying. I need to remember to explain about opportunity cost, and fixed/floating/managed exchange rates in details to fully answer the question. Also, I need to revise supply side and demand side policies to include them when I talk about reduce AD.

Thank you for your comments 🙂


I think I understand it quite well because I understand the diagrams and so on. Nevertheless, I get confused sometimes about increase and decrease of GDP. I mix up between aggregate demand and international demand. I need to make sure I remember that when GDP increases, demand for imports also increases.

Overall I think this is not my best topic since I have to think a lot about it to make sure I do not get mixed up.

I am pretty happy about my data response. I nevertheless think I need to keep writing a lot for evaluation and include as points as possible. I usually do not write about enough points because I am not concise enough. I therefore need to also work on time management to make sure I keep enough time to develop all points and not just a few.

Also, I thought the analysis for the increase in demand was not enough; I need to make sure I know all the determinants of demand so I don’t spend too much time loooking for explanations in the article. I need to refer back to the article more directly so I am sure I am not off-topic.

One of my danger zone is careless reading of the question; I usually read half of it and start answering the question instead of fully reading it.
Another danger zone is lack of explanation about economic relationships because I don’t explain theories fully so it is hard to see a relationship between two theories.
The next danger zone is ineffective evaluation since I never got full points because I do not use enough evaluation possibilies.

During this school year I realized I could well understand diagrams and once I understand them I find them easy to memorize, but I need to work on definition to make sure they are precised.

This exam allowed me to make sure I really understood the concepts learned this year. It also helped really know what is expected in the extended response and the data response questions.

Next year I will try to learn my definitions more precisely, and to work more regularly because I did not do that so much this year. I also need to read more the news because apart from the initiative I did not really do it.

Reflection on the PBL:

The Problem Based Learning (PBL) experience was helpful because we really had to understand all supply-side and demand-side policies. We had to make sure we knew about all policies and their effects, so the PBL was good for that. Nevertheless, I do not think the presentation in front of the “president” was really worth it because it is too short to really be able to express everything we want to say. I think a presentation in front of the class would have been enough.

Reflection on the presentation:

In general, the presentation went pretty good. Andrew knew what he was talking about and we were good timewise. The questions were not as bad as expected. I was expecting some of the questions so I did not mind replying to them. It was a bit tense but I was expecting a lot worse. I think we should have prepared the questions more so we would have make sure to be able to reply to all of them accurately. Nevertheless I thought it was quite fine, since we knew what was happening.

During the Data Response of Section 2, I lost all my points on the evaluation. This is because I did not write enough information for it. I wrote three majors points were I should have written at least a couple more. I really need to read the text more carefully to get all the different ideas expressed in it. I already spend most of my time on it; I did the definitions and diagrams really fast in order to have more time for evaluation, but I guess that was not enough.

Also, I need to break it into paragraphs, because I did it all in one paragraph because I had no time to think about presentation. Next time I will make sure that I have each idea in a different paragraph and that I have many different ideas.

Nevertheless, I am happy because I got all the definitions and diagrams right so that is a positive point; I did not have to worry about it, I made sure before the test that I knew all of them perfectly.